About Me


    I was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. At the age of ten I developed an interest in birding after watching Black-capped Chickadees feed on the seeds of giant Sunflowers in a neighbor's yard. Some years later, after obtaining a graduate degree in Mechanical Engineering, I found myself in San Diego, California. I'm still here.

    Through the years I dabbled with photography, mostly landscapes. In 2001 I purchased my first digital SLR, the Canon D30, and my interest in photography became more serious. After taking a local bird photography workshop, I became passionate about photographing birds.

     I now present Slideshows of my images to local San Diego organizations and offer Hummingbird Photography Workshops in San Diego. Click on the above links for more information and schedules.

     Although you will find a few images of other nature subjects on my website, it's really all about the birds.

My Equipment:

Canon EOS 1Dx
Canon EOS 7D Mk II
Canon 500 mm f4
Canon 400 mm f5.6
Canon 300 mm f2.8
Canon 100-400 II f4.5-5.6  IS Zoom
Canon 200-400 f4-5.6 IS Zoom


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